Lynnell Edwards, Eric Sutherland, & Tom Hunley

10/25/2014 7:00 pm

Carmichael's Bookstore welcomes Accents authors Lynnell Edwards, Eric Sutherland, & Tom Hunley
Saturday, October 25th at 7pm

Poets Eric Scott Sutherland, Tom C. Hunley, and Lynnell Edwards will be signing and reading from their new collections.

Eric Scott Sutherland's "Pendulum":

"The poems in this humane collection are hard and beautiful. They are hard, because the locals here are marginalized and somewhat lost, yet beautiful because they live with hope, and because each poem in this heartfelt book is accompanied by singing. Behind this cast of characters is the poet himself, a living spirit, capturing the human voice, swinging back and forth like the symbol evoked by the title of this honest and necessary collection. This is at once a portrait and a vision rendered into lines, notation for a place and time and the saintly people there. It is a gift to be in such able hands, and a further gift to turn the pages of their labor. Three cheers for this delight!"—Maurice Manning

Tom C. Hunley's "Scotch Tape World":

"Tom C. Hunley, on the evidence of these poems, is as in love with, as he is bewildered by, the world. And although that might seem a common way of being in the world, Hunley's ability to render his love and bewilderment precisely in his poems is unique and necessary. These poems manage to be funny without being cynical, and they manage to be honest without being cynical, and they manage to seem utterly contemporary without being cynical, and each of these achievements is a small miracle and almost an act of defiance. At one point, Hunley tells God, "I want you to fill my mouth / with water and prayer and maybe a jagged little song." I don't know how Hunley is set for water, and I don't know about his spiritual practices, but these poems read like answered prayers."
- Shane McCrae

Lynnell Edwards' "King of the Rock & Roll Hot Shop (Or, What Breaks)":

"Through empathy and penetrating observation, Edwards goes deep inside the art of glassmaking. What she brings back in the form of poems is fascinating—she has absorbed and passes on to us the jargon of the guild, as well as the cautions and the glories the 'kings of the hot shop' encounter on the way to finished creations. It is a small, self enclosed universe, and Edwards its sympathetic cosmologist." - Jeffrey Skinner
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